Wednesdays 5:45 pm ZUMBA WITH FAMILY (all ages) 

*call for session details

In this class we blend FUN & FITNESS for the entire family.  Stretching, Strength, Dancing, Games and challenges are what can be expected. However, the level of bonding between you and your child is indescribable. We welcome PARENTS or GRANDPARENTS alike to Join the kids in this exhilarating class. All ages welcome, best experienced with school aged children (preschool and up)

Thursday's   5:45pm  HIP HOP FOR KIDS (school aged) 

4 week mini session begins 5/24

*call to register

This is a class for kids who love to dance and want to learn some fun energizing moves!  The class will offer the kids a fun, exciting, and energetic classes that  will focus on learning basic moves such as isolation and stepping including  coordination, precision and improving performance along with fun activities .  This class will get them moving and active. It is non competitive so strictly for fun here. No recital or competition.